Saturday, September 27, 2008

Counting down..


The Wedding Ceremony..

JANUARY 30th, 2009

and both of our Wedding Receptions to follow all day long on..

JANUARY 31st, 2009


Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Search For The Perfect Shoes

Finding the most perfect Wedding Shoes are such a pain in the bottom. All the fabulous shoes in the world are at least 3 inches if not higher. I'm in such frenzy to look for the perfect pair that i dream about when i go to sleep.

I don't plan to look for a bridal looking shoe, i dream about wearing the most fabulous and fancy looking shoe, but at this point I'm not in the position to be choosy.

I bought a few back ups ones just to be safe. You'd think that you'd always be able to get the perfect one, as long as you have the money to splurge.. Scratch that.. I spared quite a hefty amount for the shoes, but nope, still no luck on finding the right one.. I love being 5'9", but now I'm paying the price..

Ooooh how i wish i could wear you my darlings....
I don't blame you for being so high..
You're fabulous just the way you are...

My Very First

I'm just a girl in love.. with her boy AND everything beautiful. I'm in a happy place and I'd like to share my joy by inviting you in, into the process that goes into planning the wedding of my dream, and also to share the little joy that I find in everything beautiful and inspiring to me.

I'm the designer girl, and I'm the 'whimsigirl'. But most of all,
I'm just Nurul.

And here are my stories...

Whimsigirl's engagement image by the fabulous Foong Chern