Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've promised in a previous post to post up the finished product of the next Tiramisu I shall make. To my surprise, the people that have tasted them were quite fond of them. Yeay me! Have gotten orders few times in the last couple of weeks. HE was a tad bit disappointed that I made so many and none of them can be eaten. And just for the record to clear things up before I sound like the evil wife that doesn't feed her husband, He's had his generous share of the Tiramisu I made many times before,
'mengader' please..

Photograph by: She

Whimsigirl's first official..

..Quilted Wrap for the Little One.

Quilting process is almost done bt still on going.
Just an idea to share with you lovely people;

Photograph by: She

Monday, October 19, 2009

Them candy-like ribbons

These ribbons are my candy substitute. Somehow they kind of reflect back on your sense of style and personality. My candies are the Classic checkered kind with a touch of the Quirky kind. Which candy are YOU? The Sweet & Quirky Colorful kind? The Groovy Geometric kind? The Floral Boho kind? or The Girly Ruffles kind? and the list goes on.....

Today I learned this,
I'm an Oldie who likes things to be Classy & yet Whimsy

Well what d'ya know bout that that :D

Photograph by: She

a gift just cos'

You know life is peachy and beautiful when one of those mundane days, you receive a thoughtful gift beautifully wrapped and followed by an even more thoughtful note, just because.. you're cared about, and..
You Matter.

Send someone a gift or note today,
just cos..

Photograph by:She

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 24 year old grandma on a rainy Friday

What does this girl do on a rainy Friday evening? Sorting and organizing over 100 yards of vintage trimmings that she purchased off a lovely grandma on ebay. I may be 24 but one part of me shyly and happily admits that she's old at heart :) Don't know what but there's something soothing and calming about these pretty things. I reckon it's the different shade of White, delicate materials and the intricate design, yeah, Definitely. Spending time with these babies shall make anyone feel like floating on clouds while eating yummy pastel cotton candy :)

Photographs by: She

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Domestic Queen

Cath Kidston is one of those designer that makes domestic living a dream. Looking at her fabrics, homewares and children wears would somehow elevate my mood and send me into another world, a domestic world in the 50s where all wives dressed up in pretty voluminous floral dresses with cute little shoes with hair all done up, bakes and cooks all day, have wonderful dinner parties, and sews everything everything around the house including their kids clothes and school projects. They're all just so pretty and dreamy. So you could imagine the delight i had when my sweet little sister surprised me with few little things from Ms Kidston's store during her recent trip to London. Sister cried when she was in Harrods' Laduree, and as for me, I cried when I got my hands on Kidston's floral sewing kit.

THIS exact sewing kit.

Oh how peachy things would be if I could have these things....

The fabrics that I could sew my apron, baby's crib set & little girl's dress with.

The tins that I would put pretty Hydrangeas and Tea Leaves in.

The butter dish i would use during breakfast on Sundays with Him.

The Long Leg Onesie the little one shall sleep in.

The little teddy that would keep the little one company.

Or this little teddy if it's a Boy.

A girl could dream

Images by: Telegraph and Cath Kidston

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why hello baby girl..

Him and I became first time uncle & aunt. We welcomed the little angel into the family and she's just a joy.

Photograph by: Proud Daddy Azizi

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Something Sweet for the Sweet Tooth

Made Tiramisu. Oh they're Sinful alright.
After few scoops of this sweet indulgence, I'll accept the couple of pounds on the cheeks(be it bum or face) that i shall be receiving right after, wholeheartedly.

After the 3rd step, things got just down right messy.
Hence.. The kitchen, the dining, myself and etc, were in no condition to be photographed.

By the Final step, things got somewhat painful. After beating everything by hand and few batches of the Tiramisu were made (for home and a dinner party), being a pansy that I am, my right arm just gave out.
Hence.. The absence of the final outcome photo :(

Next time. Pinky Swear!

When things were neat and pretty.

When my heart secretly wished that it's the following day.
(I find that Tiramisu's flavour reaches its peak
after at least 24 hours)

Photographs by: She