Friday, October 16, 2009

The 24 year old grandma on a rainy Friday

What does this girl do on a rainy Friday evening? Sorting and organizing over 100 yards of vintage trimmings that she purchased off a lovely grandma on ebay. I may be 24 but one part of me shyly and happily admits that she's old at heart :) Don't know what but there's something soothing and calming about these pretty things. I reckon it's the different shade of White, delicate materials and the intricate design, yeah, Definitely. Spending time with these babies shall make anyone feel like floating on clouds while eating yummy pastel cotton candy :)

Photographs by: She


Shyn Cheah said...

whoa syaz, those trimmings are mad beautiful!! is this the same grandma you bought those vintage hankies from?


why yes it is! they're gorgeous aren't they? bless the grandma for selling them and bless the grandpa for asking grandma to sell them in the first place :D