Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Domestic Queen

Cath Kidston is one of those designer that makes domestic living a dream. Looking at her fabrics, homewares and children wears would somehow elevate my mood and send me into another world, a domestic world in the 50s where all wives dressed up in pretty voluminous floral dresses with cute little shoes with hair all done up, bakes and cooks all day, have wonderful dinner parties, and sews everything everything around the house including their kids clothes and school projects. They're all just so pretty and dreamy. So you could imagine the delight i had when my sweet little sister surprised me with few little things from Ms Kidston's store during her recent trip to London. Sister cried when she was in Harrods' Laduree, and as for me, I cried when I got my hands on Kidston's floral sewing kit.

THIS exact sewing kit.

Oh how peachy things would be if I could have these things....

The fabrics that I could sew my apron, baby's crib set & little girl's dress with.

The tins that I would put pretty Hydrangeas and Tea Leaves in.

The butter dish i would use during breakfast on Sundays with Him.

The Long Leg Onesie the little one shall sleep in.

The little teddy that would keep the little one company.

Or this little teddy if it's a Boy.

A girl could dream

Images by: Telegraph and Cath Kidston

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