Monday, May 16, 2011

India. One day.

Little sister and our friends took a little trip to India and their lives changed forever. What is it with this country that holds my heart so dearly, and to think that I've never even been there. I guess, like some say, you don't forget your roots.

One day. Not too long into the future. Soon. I hope.

breathtaking video by: sister

It's Minty.

I look forward to the day we're gonna move into the new place and i get to make it feel complete just by having the KitchenAid in Pistachio in my kitchen. I'm a dreamer like that. Now if only everything could be in Mint Green. How charmed.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh sweetness

The pregnancy hasn't made me crave for junks like candy bars and what not, well maybe not just yet. But it did however elevate my senses for all things desserts. Gimme cakes, pancakes, ice cream, pastries, etc, i'll have 'em all through out the day if I could. The baby's 3/4 indian, can u blame me?

images by: she

The rain in spain..

.. falls mainly on the plane

images by: she


We've been on hiatus for far too long. Mainly because we're enjoying every bit of the pregnancy. We're expected to welcome our very own little bundle of joy in the week of EID. Look forward to get back to creating & designing soon. Hope you kids have been doing good.

image by : she