Saturday, October 3, 2009

Something Sweet for the Sweet Tooth

Made Tiramisu. Oh they're Sinful alright.
After few scoops of this sweet indulgence, I'll accept the couple of pounds on the cheeks(be it bum or face) that i shall be receiving right after, wholeheartedly.

After the 3rd step, things got just down right messy.
Hence.. The kitchen, the dining, myself and etc, were in no condition to be photographed.

By the Final step, things got somewhat painful. After beating everything by hand and few batches of the Tiramisu were made (for home and a dinner party), being a pansy that I am, my right arm just gave out.
Hence.. The absence of the final outcome photo :(

Next time. Pinky Swear!

When things were neat and pretty.

When my heart secretly wished that it's the following day.
(I find that Tiramisu's flavour reaches its peak
after at least 24 hours)

Photographs by: She


redanna said...

hi, do umind to share the recipe. never bake tiramisu before..


do pass me your email address and i shall email it to u k. too long to write description here.. berjela jela nnt.. haha