Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty In Green

Over the years I've become really really fussy when it comes to shoes and bags. Anal is the word. There are thousands if not millions of beautiful shoes and bags out there, but there're only few pieces out there, that stand out and truly has genuine characters. Imagine my excitement when I found one that fits the bill. This Emerald Green pump spoke to me in language only I would understand. But also imagine my disappointment when they only bring few pieces into the store and they don't produce the shoe in my size. Damn you small feets ladies. I just had to try them on and see how it look just to make myself feel better, I squished and squished my giant feet into the shoe until feet aches and eventually became numb. Dont care.

I would walk miles with this baby, and won't even mind the pain. I would sleep with it. I would walk around the house with it. I would dance all night with it. I would do chores with it. It's not meant to be, I hope someone else would find happiness and joy in them.

Awesome green thing by : Kinki Gerlinki

Images by: Her

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