Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funky Littly Town 2010

This whole line centers on a somewhat vintage-y 70s theme but they've been spruced and designed to make it modern. If we were to live in the 70s era TODAY, I'm pretty sure the quilts would look like these babies :D We used a lot of linen blended cotton with groovy prints but the scooters and vintage reproduction prints made it 'pop' really, they're obviously the main lead in this line :D They are perfect for playmats, travel blankie, and can also be used as pretty wall hanging in those pretty little baby's room. The combination of the fabrics gave it a roughy but softy texture, they're solid and sturdy, and with proper care they'll last a lonnnng time. The line definitely doesn't fit the stereotypical cutesy pink and blue baby's quilt out there in the market, and they're mostly gender neutral. But if you're out looking for something different, one of a kind and not at all common, then these quilts are perfect for you. Had so much fun creating the line and we hope you'd love it as much as we do. Feedbacks are very much welcome for our future betterment. Enjoy!

Lots of love, She & Him

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