Thursday, December 11, 2008

The day I fell in love.

Ohh Happy Day ..

The dressmaker sketched and designed the most fabulous dress, at least to my eyes it is. The kind that defines who I am. The kind that makes me go to bed smiling knowingly that things are going to be ok. The kind that make the little girl inside of me scream of excitement. The kind that would make me twirl and prance with my boy oh so happily on our wedding day.

Lost in our little playground


ili syazwani mk said...



thank uuu :)

YOU CAN CALL ME : Miss X said...

hey dear,
i love love ur dress.
i'll be having a beach reception and would love to have a very relax-looking dress. but i found malays designers make a lot of kurung-like bajuS and everyone is making their bajuS look so 'siti' erkkk.. anyway, do share with me ur dressmaker if u dont mind. :) *love*


Hye dear, thank for your liking, i wouldn't mine sharing the dress maker with u at all! the pretty dress is made my the very awesome syaiful baharim. His designs are out of this world. Highly recommended :) xx