Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Icons and pretty dresses

A girl can only be so happy when they look at these dresses.
But i am, more than you'll ever know.
These dresses by our favourite icons of all time provides me with so much inspiration on the dresses at the wedding,
mine and my beloved wedding people..
So pretty.. So happy..

Whimsigirl wishes she could wear them all

With every essence of Audrey that is chic,

With a wee bit of Edie's edge

With a whole lot of Jackie's class,

With Mia's playfulness,

With Vera's elegance


Grace's, ..

..I wishfully hope I would have the wedding dresses i dream off.

Images saved through time,
by unknown sources.
(kindly inform if you know where they're from)
Vera's dress by Brides

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