Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I see black and I see white

Made a vow to take at least a shot a day for a year. Being the easily distracted person that I am, let's just see if I could stick through a month. On a related note, Our talented photographer/architect friends, Chern and Faiz presented us with these lovely black and white photos taken on films over a year ago and Chern produced these babies in his very own dark room back in Melbourne. Now that I'm back home, I will force myself to complete our full wall photo frames project, and by full i mean FULL, the entire wall! The photos couldn't have come at a better time, thanks guys!!

images by: She


Aneesa said...

the pictures look really really really lovely.. black & white so cun.


Hye babe!

I know right?! glad you think so too! I'm a bit surprised myself, but i've always loved black and white photos, they gave out a sense old world feeling and nostalgia somehow :)