Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1

I've been very disciplined in making sure to snap at least a photo everyday. Him and I thought we wouldn't want each day to just pass by us, so that in years to come we could look back and remember that particular moment we were in. Despite how mundane things are in our life, we're happy that its ours. We like mundane :)

Here's today. It rained. I worked and researched. He came home from work made a point to butt in whatever I was doing.

images by: She


Erica said...

that is a great idea! My husband and I have no pictures from our first year dating and it is really sad, plus I might keep my house cleaner if I took pictures every day!


Hye erica! I never thought of it that way but YES!! the house will be more than often clean this way! and I'll be forced to get creative with what to photograph, lets face it 365days are lots of days, and eventually one tends to run out of things to shoot. Gudluck with your project in case you decide to do it! :D

cik orenlili said...

nice shots shaz :)


aww thanks! any comments is very much appreciated :D