Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby steps.

Yes. I'm Married.
Has been for 7 months or so. And it's been everything i hoped for and more.

Being married has opened up countless possibilities and I've been blessed with a whole new light.
I've been lost and now i'm found.

Working from my very own home office has it's own advantages. Been busy studying, learning, researching, practising, designing and working my way to realize my dream and yet, still able to be the young homemaker i aspire to be. So yes, i've been busy but I'm good! :D Purchased a sewing machine months and picked up sewing, and i couldn't be happier. With that, everything else just comes rolling and falls into place. The saying, "Just do the things you love and you'll feel whole" couldn't be further from the truth.
Never understood the concept and now i do.

And now, baby steps, and eventually i'll get there.
This is my journey.

Photograph by: Faiz Akhbar

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