Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Dinner Party

My family and I have always love to entertain at home. Any excuse to have a party. Now that Him and I have our own place, somehow it became even more exciting of course. Planning the entire menu concept, the look of the party, the decorating, cooking and baking gave me such brain rush and I'll get giddy just thinking of it. To have a pretty looking dinner party doesn't always have to hurt your bank. Just rummage through and use the things lying around your home then throw them all together to give your party a little sumtin' sumtin' :)
And not forgetting one crucial element that never fail to work and work wonders, FLOWERS! I'd prefer fresh, but fake flowers gets the job done too! I always tell myself these few little words, they're not applied to just planning a dinner party, they're applied in other aspects in my life too.

"Little effort goes a long way, and they definitely shows that you care." :)

photographs by: Him


syndeoner said...

Just love ur simple adorable life..

Luv u and Take care dear! :)


awwww how sweet. yeah my life is rather simple and it's comment like this that makes me appreciate what i do n what i have :) thanx dear.

syndeoner said...

well u shud!
cz life is LOVELY!!^^
~especially when its bout u! =)

welcome dear :)